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Golden Laureate company had been established in 2005. It produces natural Olive Oil soaps and other natural body and skin care products.


Our products are made of the best virgin Olive oil as a base oil, and small portions of other natural oils and herbs which nourish your hair roots and tone your skin.


Golden Laureate is a family business & relatively a new name in the U.S market; however, we are considered as one of the best manufacturers of traditional Laurel Soaps & Olive Oil soaps of all it kinds.


Today, Golden Laureate puts its 16 years’ experience of making the best natural soaps & skin care products in your hands, and you will be the judge.


Our mission is to stay vegan & natural; therefore, all our products are free of animal fats, lards, tallow & synthetic components. Our products are perfect for sensitive skin and a good choice  for those who suffer dermal issues such eczema & psoriasis. 


In order to produce the best quality of natural soaps and skin care products, we use a high quality of natural ingredients and essential oils. We are looking forward to satisfy our customers by serving exquisite natural products at reasonable prices.


If you have a question, comment, advise, or inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


                                                                                                       “The Founders”

                                                                                            Samer & Leen Sultan

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