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olive liquid soap

Cherrry Olive Liquid Soap

SKU: L004

Olive Oil Liquid Soap for hand wash. Made of Olive Oil as a base oil blended with other organic healthy oils and natural herbs. Golden Laureate is proud to present this unique recipe which nourishes, moisturizes, and hydrates your skin. This product cleanses your skin from deep inside, rejuvenates your skin cells, and prevents clog pores. The creamy texture of this product will soften your hands and leave them like silk all day long leaving no residue.

Made in USA

Free of chemical components or artificial ingredients

Free of animal fat, lard, and tallow
Preservative free

This product is 100% vegan

This product is 100% natural

Not tested on animals

Average Weight: 3.9 FL OZ, (110 ML)

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