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Olive Oil Lotion in Tube (Cranberry)

Olive Oil Lotion in Tube (Cranberry)

SKU: LT005

An Olive Oil lotion filled in tube for instant moisturizing, hydrates and nourishes your skin. The content of this tube will rejuvenates your skin cells and keeps it soft all day long. Apply it directly over drying skin area, or spread it all over your body. This product is intended for very sensitive skin and it made substantially from Olive Oil and small portions of other natural oils and natural butters. This product is 100% natural. Don’t rinse the product with water, just apply it directly on your skin.

Made in USA

Free of chemical components or artificial ingredients 

Free of animal fat, lard, and tallow
Preservative free

This product contains bees wax 

This product is 100% natural

Not tested on animals

Net Weight: 1.1 OZ

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